Saif Ahmad

Awards, Funding, & Media Coverage

Ontario Centres Of Excellence (OCE)

National Research Council (NRC-IRAP)

Total Funding: Canadian $ 280,000

As Co-Founder and CTO at HPI, Ottawa, Canada

Aug 2011 – Apr 2015

Market Savvy Meets Medicine

Front page coverage for work on HRV and sepsis

Ottawa Citizen, Ottawa, Canada

Aug 2009

PhD Merit Scholarship

Stipend: 25,200 UK Pound Sterling

Fee Waiver: 48,000 UK Pound Sterling

University Of Surrey, Guildford, UK

Jan 2002 – Dec 2005

Fundamental Data To SATISFI The Chartist

For work on financial time series analysis

The Technical Analyst, Guildford, UK

Apr 2004

Won 2nd Prize At Annual PhD Conference

University Of Surrey, Guildford, UK

Aug 2003 and Sep 2004

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