Saif Ahmad

Professional Experience

Biomedical Consultant

And Research Associate

School Of Electrical Engineering

And Computer Science (SEECS)

University Of Ottawa (uOttawa)

Ottawa, Canada

Jan 2009 – Present


Provide scientific consultancy and undertake biomedical research to develop medical systems for data acquisition, data logging, data analysis, and statistical analysis of physiological signals like ECG, blood pressure (BP), and photoplethysmogram (PPG) waveforms to assess human health and wellness in chronic conditions like atrial fibrillation (AF), sleep apnea, and obesity: has led to the development of innovative biosignal monitoring technology, for example, the ECG-assisted NIBP monitoring technology that enhances accuracy of existing oscillometric monitors; also led to several publications in peer reviewed journals and conference proceedings, and presentation of scientific work at international forums.

Co-Founder And CTO

Health Parametrics Inc. (HPI)

Ottawa, Canada

Aug 2011 – Present


Conduct medical device research and development (R&D) and use expertise in designing/building/troubleshooting/debugging prototype hardware and software to create clinical prototypes of a novel ECG-assisted NIBP monitor; develop biocompatible biosensors like dry/thin/flexible conductive fabric ECG electrodes embedded inside a BP cuff and related signal acquisition/analysis hardware/instrumentation/software: has enabled the ergonomic integration of ECG monitoring/analysis within an oscillometric NIBP monitor to augment its measurement accuracy in patients with chronic conditions like AF and heart failure (HF); successfully developed four clinical prototypes pertaining to this technology – third/fourth generation prototypes are battery operated, fully standalone, and portable; a Canadian patent has been issued for this technology; a funding of Canadian $ 280,000 has been received from Canadian provincial and federal sources to continue developing this innovative technology.

Postdoctoral Research Scientist

Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (OHRI)

Ottawa, Canada

Jun 2006 – Dec 2008


Conducted biomedical research independently as well as within cross-functional teams to develop new technology for monitoring vital signs in healthy subjects, the intensive care unit (ICU), emergency department, and outpatients.


Designed and executed a human user study to evaluate whether continuous heart rate variability (HRV) analysis could be used for early diagnosis of sepsis in bone marrow transplant (BMT) outpatients; used the Philips Zymed DigiTrak Plus Holter monitor to collect an average of 12 days of continuous ECG RR interval data per patient from 17 BMT patients – before, during the time, and after they developed sepsis: the study was successfully completed and ECG RR interval data lost to non-compliance to monitoring was only 6% for all 17 patients; the Holter monitor acquired high-fidelity ECG RR interval data for all 17 patients whereby only 0.6% of data was noisy and had to be removed; the study showed that it is feasible to continuously track HRV on a long-term basis in critically ill patients using a Holter monitor.


Developed algorithms for analyzing ECG RR interval data from the sepsis study (see above); characterized HRV using a plurality of signal processing techniques like wavelet analysis, de-trended fluctuation analysis (DFA), sample entropy (SampEn), multiscale entropy (MSE), fast Fourier transform (FFT), power law analysis, and time irreversibility: was able to predict onset of sepsis 24-48 hours prior to its clinical diagnosis; results were published in PLoS One, and the work was also accorded prominent coverage in the Ottawa Citizen.


The Home Monitor

Ottawa, Canada

Sep 2010 – Dec 2011


Developed a novel automated home intrusion detection system; wrote a variety of frequency and time-domain algorithms for analyzing Doppler radar time series data to discern between different types of intruders: the algorithms successfully differentiated between dogs, humans, and door/window openings/closings using a single Doppler radar sensor; helped the Company to promote its potential product as simple and affordable.

Electrical Engineer

Tata Chemicals Ltd.

Babrala, India

May 1997 – Sep 2000


Used in-depth technical knowledge along with strong time management and organizational skills to install, commission, test, operate, maintain, and troubleshoot gas turbine generators (25 MW), diesel generator sets (up to 400 KVA), LT/HT AC/DC motors, LT/HT transformers, LT/HT switchboards with air/vacuum circuit breakers in a fully automated fertilizer plant producing 2000 metric tons of urea per day: ensured continuous and trouble-free plant operation.


Worked as part of a team of electrical, mechanical, and process engineers, paying thorough attention to detail: the team succeeded in obtaining ISO 9002 and 14001 for the Plant.


Demonstrated adaptability and flexibility by working long hours and various shifts, as needed.


IEEE Transactions On Instrumentation And Measurement

IEEE Transactions On Biomedical Engineering

Journal Of Critical Care

Critical Care

PLoS One

Jun 2006 – Present

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